We believe in the power of
social enterprises to make our community stronger


Flywheel is a Social Enterprise Hub

This means we help social entrepreneurs build and scale business that have both a financial return and social impact. We call these businesses social enterprises because they are designed to make our community stronger, either through the people they employ or the products and services they provide.


What we do

We give social entrepreneurs the tools, guidance, and connections to make their businesses run more efficiently and become scalable. We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful social enterprises.


How we do it


We build and support community

We support local social enterprises through community building events, workshops, and pro-bono consulting. Flywheel is a home for social entrepreneurs, a place for individuals and organizations that support their businesses, and an opportunity for impact investors to empower social change in their community.


We advance startups in the region's only accelerator purpose-built for social entrepreneurs

Elevator is a cohort-model social impact accelerator that connects participants to customers, talent and capital. The participants validate and improve their business models using insights from experienced Cincinnati entrepreneurs. Mentors support participants as they launch and scale businesses that have both social impact and financial return.


We help social entrepreneurs build and scale businesses with social purpose

Interested in chatting with us? Let’s grab a coffee together. No obligation, no fee. Sit down for a 1-on-1 session with experts to discus how to build and scale your social enterprise.



"It hadn’t occurred to me that our business wasn’t built to generate enough revenue to expand. We pivoted in order to really make The Hive last in the long run."

Troy Bronsink, The Hive
Elevator Graduate, 2016


interested in our consulting services?

You know your business. We know the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship.

Our expertise is in helping you better understand your customers, competitors, and organization’s strengths. We bring objectivity to your decision making process and capacity to do the work. How do we do this? We use a proven process combined with market research and business planning to help you realize the potential of your business.


These are a few of the consulting services we offer:

  • Ideation: discovering the strengths of your organization and the business opportunities that align with your mission
  • Feasibility Assessment: conducting market research and business modeling that gives you confidence in the potential for your business
  • Business Planning: creating a blueprint for the execution of your business model
  • Technology Solutions: leveraging knowledge about customers, donors, and clients with transformative technology solutions

contribute to the success of social entrepreneurs

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