"Elevator helped me focus on what our goals are and how can I help us get there. It showed me how I can contribute more to the team. It was a huge help for myself and in the grand scheme of our program."

Anthony Berin, City Kitchen
Elevator Graduate, 2016


We promote social enterprises by connecting them to customers, talent, and capital




Connected over 50 companies

to legal, bookkeeping, funding, investment, marketing, and technology resources

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Connections to resources

Some of our most important work in the community is connecting social entrepreneurs with resources through SECincy, Flywheel's initiative. SECincy Elevator companies Villedge and The Hive collaborated to allow at-risk teens to attend mindfulness workshops and participate in other supportive activities. Flywheel supports social entrepreneurs by with connections to customers, talent and capital.


Elevated the story of social enterprise to over 1,000 people

in 11 speaking engagements

We empower social enterprises
through the stories we tell

Flywheel is committed to taking social enterprise mainstream. Our vision is that our leaders consider the social impact that social enterprises have in our community. Our hope is that purchasing decisions made by companies, legislation enacted by elected officials, and investments made by philanthropists are influenced by our work. To that end, we tell the story of social enterprise in our newsletter and at events like SECincy Summit and SVP's Fast Pitch competition to educate and inspire founders, investors, and community members.

Guided more than

10 companies

through the region's first purpose-built accelerator program for social enterprises

Fighting hunger in Cincinnati–
one bowl of soup at a time

From her experience in the SECincy Elevator, La Soupe founder Suzy DeYoung gained valuable insights, mentorship, community connections, resources, and pitch training for her social enterprise. La Soupe was formed to bridge the gap between food waste and the food insecure. In 2016, they saved 125,000 pounds of food from the landfill and donated over 95,000 servings of soup to hungry Cincinnatians. Through programs like Elevator, Flywheel gives social enterprises the assistance they need to understand their opportunities, strategize for future growth, and maximize their impact in the community.

Provided over 400 hours

of pro bono consulting services

Social Enterprise Award Winner,
Master Provisions

Flywheel awarded the 2016 Social Enterprise Award to Master Provisions at last year’s Social Venture Partners Cincinnati Fast Pitch competition. The award of $5,000 of consulting services helped Master Provisions add value to their business model through an operational assessment and business plan. Flywheel magnifies the impact of social enterprises by guiding entrepreneurs toward more effective strategies and outcomes. With our technical assistance, Master Provisions was able to expand the social enterprise component of their organization which supports their mission to provide food, clothing, and orphan care to those in need. 


Zoo Day with the Hearing, Speech, and Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati


fly^wheel (flī′hwēl′) noun

1. a heavy wheel that stores kinetic energy and smooths the operation of a reciprocating engine by maintaining a constant speed of rotation over the whole cycle

2. a term from the venture capital world which is used to represent the recurrent, margin-generating heart of a business

3. a hub that provides significant momentum to assist nonprofits generate sustained energy (e.g. learning, skills, capital) through social enterprise


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