Where it all started

Flywheel launched in 2011. Our purpose? Form an innovative social enterprise hub like no other in the United States. Since then we have mined hundreds of best practices in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. That’s helped us identify the characteristics most essential to a social enterprise becoming successful and sustainable.


Our Team


Bill Tucker

Executive Director

“I am passionate about making the world a better place and I believe that the marketplace can be a powerful force for social and environmental change.”


Jesse Brumbaugh

Program Manager

“We have a responsibility to connect those who want to have an impact on communities with the resources needed for long-term social change. I’m committed to using my abilities to catalyze change in Cincinnati and beyond.”


Joe Vallo

Senior Advisor

“I especially enjoy working with an energetic entrepreneur and a clever product idea and helping to transform them into a capable leader with a solid business model that makes a profit AND makes a difference.”


Tobin Gardner

Senior Advisor

“My goal is to leverage technology, strategy and process improvement to help nonprofits advance their mission.”


Gayle Hilleke

Senior Advisor

“My passion for social enterprise is a natural outgrowth of my professional background, which has revolved around helping nonprofits and their communities to flourish.”


Roy Kulick

Executive in Residence


Our Board


Advisory Council